Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Ian Summers - Paramedic - Cheltenham


Malcolm Wilson - London Rail consultant - Chepstow
Alan Muckle - Personal Fitness Instructor - Clevedon - Bristol
Yvonne Ellis - Teacher - Bristol
Jo Constant - Youth Trainer - Bristol


Written Testimonials

"I was in my prime as a rugby player for both Bristol and England when I got my injury. I felt indestructible until then and I can tell you that it felt as if my whole world had caved in. A good friend recommended that I talk to Midas as I had an idea that I wanted to try make a future in property investment however, like most people I didn’t really feel that I knew enough, and certainly didn't want to make any expensive mistakes! I have to say that even after our first meeting I had an idea that these guys were genuine, caring and they certainly knew their stuff. I decided to try one property with them at first and within 6 months of purchase I had made £22,000! I couldn’t believe it and couldn’t wait to get moving on another one which made another £45,000 within the same period! I used to dream about owning a property portfolio in the millions and I can tell you from first hand experience that with these guys beside you, it absolutely will happen!

It happened for me!"

Ben Sturnham, Ex Bristol & England Rugby Player & Midas Investor 

"I have been in business for many years now in the domestic cleaning industry and I have to tell you that I work long and hard hours. The business can be quite frustrating as although you can and do make quite good money there always seems to be more month than money! I had been thinking of investing in the property market for quite some time now but to be I didn’t have a clue where to start and where to go for the best advice. I knew though, that I was never going to be able to retire if I kept on going the way I was and needed to do something about it. Luckily, a good friend of mine (also in the cleaning industry) knew one of the directors of Midas Estates as a friend and recommended that I speak to him as he was already a client of Midas and a happy one at that!

Wow! What a great suggestion that was! I contacted Midas and had an initial FREE consultation where I committed to start. Within 3 months I was almost £30,000 better off! Plus, the advice and guidance I have been given in all areas of financial investment has been first class. The best thing of all though, is that they literally do the whole thing for me….. I do nothing! Even down to arranging tenants and furnishing if necessary! If you are thinking of getting into property investment, don’t take chances, bet on a sure thing and call Midas. I know that I am finally going to meet my financial goals and within the time frame I set for them. This would not have happened if I hadn’t picked up he phone and called Midas Estates"

Mark Esposito, Business Owner and Midas Investor

"I am so grateful for what Midas Estates have done for me. I am a working mother with very little time for anything else. I certainly don’t have the time to travel the length and breadth of the country looking for the best property deals. But, I knew that I wanted to build a property portfolio and so came to Midas on the recommendation of a friend of my husband. I have only bought the one property at the moment but I made £15,000 almost immediately! What’s more it took no effort on my part, I just left it to Midas and they did it all. I was in a hurry to get started and to be honest if I had tried this on my own I might very well come unstuck in my haste! Midas told me clearly that I had to be patient and they would find the perfect property and the perfect finance package for my needs and they did! They even arranged the conveyancing and helped arrange business accounts with a major bank so that I am set up correctly from the start. I was especially excited by the 5 year plan we worked out, can’t wait to buy the next one!"

Elizabeth Cammell, Business Owner & Midas Investor 


"I had been looking to invest in property for some time, but didn't know how to get started and was concerned about making expensive mistakes. Midas solved all those problems. Ian explained how simple it really was, and utilising his experience and connections I was quickly able to make my property dream happen. I am now well on my way to owning five properties.

Ian suggested a number of properties that might be good investment opportunities, and I was able to select those that I felt best suited what I was hoping to achieve without any pressure. Ian thoroughly explained the process, what I was getting, what I needed to do and kept me informed all the way.

My particular circumstances made it a little difficult to arrange a mortgage, and dealing with lenders in my experience was always problematic. Thanks to the mortgage advice, all the hassle of that was removed, and he has been able to get me 4 mortgages in pretty quick time. All had slightly different issues, so I was glad that I didn't have to sort everything out.

Alex and her staff at Bartons are very friendly and helpful, and do far more than I even thought was necessary, so I feel very confident that I'm being well represented legally.

One of my main concerns was the letting, and all that entails, of the property, along with the property maintenance. Fortunately Andy handles all of this, and I can just sit back and relax.

Originally I hoped to own one other property as both a long term investment and a potential alternative source of income. Now I am close to five, and things are looking good for the future, and with Ian's continued support, I see no reason why I shouldn't have ten within the next few years.

My only complaint is that I didn't meet Ian earlier."

Terry Baar IT Contractor & Midas Investor 

We are very happy to recommend the services of Ian Clark of Midas, who has been an enormous help to us, and continues to help and advise us on our property purchase.

Over many years, we had considered ideas of investing an inherited sum and our savings into property, such as moving and buying a larger property, or purchasing a holiday property or even building something.  All these ideas came to fruition when Ian showed us what we could buy as a good investment, but also as an opportunity to give us a better lifestyle, and make our money work for us.

Without Ian’s knowledge and help we would not have found the lovely apartment that we bought; he negotiated to get us a good deal, and introduced us to very efficient and friendly Mortgage Adviser Frasier and Solicitor Alex, who were able to make it all happen.

Ian and Charlotte Clarke found us the property, introduced us to trusted financial and legal advisers and continue to help and advise us on our original and next future purchase for us to achieve a better lifestyle.  We have enjoyed many stays at our lovely beachside apartment, and are successfully letting it out as a holiday let for its first year.  We are now considering our next investment with Ian’s help.

We are very pleased with our purchase of Coast Apartment 1, and thank Ian and Charlotte Clarke for all there help in achieving this.

Janet and Anthony Watts, Midas Investor 



Sarah Rousselle had saved through an ISA whilst living in England, before moving to Jersey in 2005.  She realised that she had a lot of capital sitting in savings accounts and that this money wasn’t actually working for her, given the low interest rates currently paid on savings. 

She had also contributed to a pension and made other investments but started to question this ‘accepted’ form of retirement planning when she considered the fees charged and her projected pension income.

With a young family she wanted an alternative form of investment that she could pursue in addition to the more traditional approach, and looked for something that would offer her flexibility as she did not want to tie her money up until retirement age.  Sarah began researching alternative forms of investment for her money and read a book on property investment given to her by a family friend, this led to an introduction to Midas Estates, the property investment company.

Managing a property portfolio needs time and experience, following extensive discussions with Ian Clarke, MD of Midas, she realised that they would be able to help her through the process of not only buying a property and building a portfolio but managing it too.

Sarah said: “I had the money to invest and knew that it made sense to build up a buy-to-let portfolio in the UK, but I also knew that it would not really work if I tried to do this myself from Jersey – I was concerned that I did not have the time or sufficient expertise!  It was clear that I needed guidance.  When I spoke to Ian I knew he had plenty of experience and we discussed a long term plan to gradually built up a portfolio.  He explained the need to maintain a buffer of money so that I didn’t overstretch myself.  This reassured me, enabling me to take the plunge and buy my first property.  I look forward to the future and feel confident that, at some point, our family will have more options.  As my husband is French, we may decide to go and live in France for a while.”

“Being offshore actually restricts us somewhat as many saving opportunities are only available to UK taxpayers.  My employer does not have a pension scheme and there is a very limited choice of personal pension schemes locally.  In a low tax jurisdiction the tax benefits of investing in a pension are also less clear cut.  All of these reasons, and the fact that property is a more tangible asset, meant that investing in property was a sensible choice for me, and our family.”

Sarah has now bought two flats in London, both of which were recommended to her by Midas Estates.  She and her husband plan to continue building their portfolio working with Midas. “When you are busy working and raising a young family, it is vital to have a company that covers all aspects of the process which is fairly time consuming and complicated.  Midas has been fantastic in holding my hand and ensuring that everything has gone smoothly.  Ian and his team have sourced some great properties for me and have been extremely helpful and responsive, making sure that all the different parties involved – including developers, solicitors, letting agents, contractors - have been kept informed and that everything happens at the right time.”

Sarah Rousselle, [35] solicitor and Midas Investor

Working with Midas Estates has enabled me to purchase 3 properties in just over 2 years. The process during the buying stage was made much easier because of them. All property acquisitions have been profitable with great capital growth and the letting team service has been excellent. They are a company very conscientious about their clients success through property.

Stephen Duke, Midas Investor 

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