Millionaires in the making - Buying UK Investment Property

Millionaires in the making - Buying UK Investment Property
Property has created more millionaires than any other business. As per surveys buying U.K investment property is a calculated gain not only now but for the next 10 years.

There's been a steep rise in buying U.K investment property. An avenue has opened up due to the interest rates and stock markets return being low. Many investors have come to the conclusion that their home is their highest performing asset. This has culminated in the inclination towards increasing investment in the U.K property market.


Investments and risk goes hand in hand. Buying U.K investment property in the worst situation can only lessen the value of the property slightly. This element of risk can be eliminated by critically analyzing the investment program. There are some good property dealers who can very well help with that.


Depreciation is an important factor affecting the return from commercial real estates in U.K. A detailed study should be carried out to identify the impact of depreciation on both rental and capital values.


The U.K market is stable. Returns are expected to be good over the next 10 years and residential property looks set to increase year after year. Buying U.K investment property has turned out to be more lucrative than any other form of investments.

Firstly as there's only a limited amount of land in U.K and most of them are invested upon. Once it is sold the investors have nothing to do but to wait for it to rise in value.

Secondly, because property investment offers leverage on your money, leverage being you ability to magnify your return using somebody else's money most probably the bank's money. In the usual case you put nominal % of the full amount on your own and the bank lends the rest.
Buying U.K investment property has turned 66,000 people into millionaires. About ten years ago only 3400 people owned houses which were worth more than a million pounds.

This figure has gone up by 20 folds through the last decade. This statistics self conclusive to prove the prospect of the buying property for investment in U.K.

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