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We discuss what you want to achieve

Your goals

One of our expert team members will arrange an appointment with you to talk about your goals and aspirations for investment.  We understand that everyone has differing circumstances and timescales and so it is important to us that we match our investment plan recommendation with your goals.

Sam and Claire aged 23 and 2

Clare & Sam aged 23 and 21

Concerns: Worried about never being able to afford a property of their own and save for a deposit.

Aspirations: Want to own their own property and maybe one day invest for the future in property.

Midas Solution

David & Penny - aged 34 and 35

David & Penny - aged 34 and 35

Status: Married with two children

Profession: Retail manager and part time teacher

Current mortgage: 150k on a property valued at 220k

Concerns: All earnings are consumed raising the family and making ends meet. Cant see a future in pensions either so haven’t been motivated to save for anything at the moment. Concerns about inflation eroding the value of any savings.

Aspirations: Want to get started making provision for the future and heard that property was a good idea – didn’t have the time or knowledge to get started.

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James & Fiona – aged 43

James & Fiona – aged 43

Status: Married with four children

Profession: Middle manager at engineering firm and part time care assistant

Current mortgage: 78k on a property valued at 275k

Concerns: James doesn't want to work in his profession for the rest of his working life.

Aspirations: Wants to spend more quality time at home with the wife and children and have the money to travel the world and change his profession to something less repetitive, time consuming and stressful.

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John - 51

John - 51

Status: Single

Profession: Security Guard

Current mortgage: Mortage paid off

Concerns: John cannot contribute too much to his pension and currently needs to work til he is 65 to have a reasonable pension income.

Aspirations: Wants to run his passion – a part time photography business full time and stop working as a security guard.

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Alison – aged 58

Alison – aged 58

Status: Divorced with 2 grown children

Profession: Self employed – runs a training company

Current mortgage: None on property valued at £300k and savings of 80k

Concerns: Needs more income than the business earns if she stopped work

Aspirations: Always understood property was a good investment – happy to start a mortgage again if the property rental income would cover most of it. Wants to create a retirement income to sell the business at 65.

Midas Solution

Louise & Ian – aged 43

Louise & Ian – aged 43

Status: Married with 3 grown up children

Profession: Accountant

Current mortgage: Small mortgage on own home and has 5 buy to let properties

Concerns: Struggles to cope with the admin and management of letting 5 properties and worries that the rental could be higher.

Aspirations: Would like to hand the management over to someone else and look to grow the portfolio further up to 10 properties.

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