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Ever wanted to work in real estate?

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Have a business of your own?

Joining the Midas team as an introducer you would have all of the following benefits:

  • No complex sales appointments to do
  • No paperwork to complete
  • No stock to carry
  • No expert knowledge required
  • Qualified leads supplied to your inbox
  • Full Marketing, media and PR agency support in your area
  • Lots of face to face and online training provided
  • Your own personalised Midas website ready from day 1
  • Your own back office system to track your leads and commissions
  • Startup promotional materials, business cards and online tools
  • Lots of support from the Midas team to get you started

Please contact the person who directed you to our website for more information on how to get started.


Andy Sawers - Cheltenham

“I have personally been involved in Property Development and Investment for about 15 years and often have people taking an interest in what I was doing. When I was introduced to Midas, through a networking colleague, in 2010 I was impressed with the professionalism of the company, the range of services which enables clients to get on with their own lives and the extensive experience of those involved. This ticked all the boxes for me so that I could be fully confident in introducing my trusted contact base to Midas.

The “no pressure” sales process also appealed to me – whilst this means that sometimes referrals take longer to bear fruit it does mean that good referrals will lead to quality and repeating business over the years ahead.

The commission structure is phenomenal and I was able to share the Introducer Scheme to a number of my good quality contacts and my first commission cheque (in excess of £4000) came from one of those Introducers who had introduced a client, who I have never met, and who went on to buy a property through Midas.

I have now introduced a number of clients and Introducers building up a pipeline of business and consistently find new opportunities to help others through the maelstrom of the property market. I am now also in the process of becoming a Midas client in my own right.”

Andy tells us more of his experience with Midas on video


Andrew & Dawn Greenaway - Bristol

We have worked with our own overseas property investment company for nearly 10 years and more recently with lifestyle incomes via our company the Opportunity People.

Since the credit crunch we have evaluated several UK Property options for our clients. Having known Ian Clark professionally for a number of years we were delighted to find that his model is one of the best available but more importantly that his client philosophy and ethics match our own high standards. It was an obvious choice to join forces rather than try to compete with such a successful already established model.

All the clients that we have introduced to Ian love what Ian and our team have done for them and are set for a much improved financial future.

From a lifestyle income prospective the Midas model is the most generous property commission payable on an ongoing passive format that we have ever seen. It currently ranks as one of our best performing business and lifestyle opportunities for income generation.

Jason Hyde - Cheltenham

Jason gave us his first client lead in his first month of being an introducer and earned a significant commission in doing so. Here is that moment when he received the cheque with Mark Regan and Lee Johnson present.

Jason tells us about his experience with Midas


Here is a client testimonial who kindly shared his experience of Midas for his own property portfolio. Taken August  2011.


If you would like to speak more about working with us please contact us on the number above or fill out this contact form and we will call you back.


You can also take part in our new online training programme which was distilled from lots of experiences of our existing introducers and from the Midas Team.

Here are some testimonials from our introducers who have been on the training.

Rob Tolchard - Plymouth

Today's training has allowed me while listening to the great presentation to think of the points I'd been missing out on and I think there are a number of avenues I can now attack and build my Midas introducer business

John Doherty
I have been aware of Midas for a few months now and had already spoken to a couple of people but today it was good to get a good overview of the business, a greater in-depth knowledge of the model and the type of properties and the lettings and the backup service and the knowledge of all those elements helped me explain more fully to the people I talk to -its a really good model

Jawad Ahmed
I think the biggest thing I found today is that there is a lot more equity in your property that  you realize especially if you are self employed and the other thing I found useful was the source of leads and different ways of contacting people and also getting an update on the back office tools available

Paul & Sian Mayer-Haart
It clarified a lot of things and answered a lot of questions and also a lot of things we would never have thought of ourselves. Helpful to meet other people and to get other perspectives - also the questions aren't necessarily occur to us. We found it equipped us for the future

Tony  Ward
There are numerous things -  the first thing I got was trust in the people that set up the business so I have confidence in their experience and what they can do has been proven. Now they have put it altogether in a simple presentation the client must understand its just there for them.

Mike Beckley 
Its really interesting - there are a lot of questions you get asked when presenting the concept of property investment and the session today answered all those objections.

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